Steelers Super Bowl Rings And Trophies
By Carmella and Terry

The Pittsburgh Steelers have won six Super Bowl rings and trophies, and now they are going for another as they all start revin' for seven!

The Steelers were amazing at their first Super Bowl in 1975 by winning against the Minnesota Vikings in Super Bowl IX. They came back the next year in '76 and won against the Dallas Cowboys in Super bowl X. You can't keep the Steelers away from a championship victory very long! Just three years later in '79 they won against the Dallas Cowboys in Super Bowl XIII. In their 4th Super Bowl win, they won in '80 against the St. Louis Rams in Super Bowl XIV. After 26 years of not winning a Super Bowl, they came back strong in 2006 against the Seattle Seahawks in Super Bowl XL. Two years later the Steelers became a team above the rest with their 6th Super Bowl win against the Arizona Cardinals in Super Bowl XLIII. Now they have a chance to remain superior with a possible 7th Vince Lombardi Trophy by defeating the Green Bay Packers! LET'S GO STEELERS!!!

Super Bowls

Super Bowl IX
Steelers 16, Vikings 6
Location: New Orleans, Louisiana
Date: January 12, 1975
Attendance: 80,997
Most Valuable Player: Franco Harris - RB - Pittsburgh Steelers

Super Bowl X
Steelers 21, Cowboys 17

Location: Miami, Florida
Date: January 18, 1976
Attendance: 80,187
Most Valuable Player: Lynn Swann - WR - Pittsburgh Steelers

Super Bowl XIII
Steelers 35, Cowboys 31

Location: Orange Bowl - Miami, Florida
Date: January 21, 1979
Attendance: 79,484
Most Valuable Player: Terry Bradshaw - QB - Pittsburgh Steelers

Super Bowl XIV
Steelers 31, Rams 19

Location: Rose Bowl - Pasadena, California
Date: January 20, 1980
Attendance: 103,985
Most Valuable Player: Terry Bradshaw - QB - Pittsburgh Steelers

Super Bowl XXX
Cowboys 27, Steelers 17
Location: Sun Devil Stadium - Tempe, Arizona
Date: January 28, 1996
Attendance: 76,347
Most Valuable Player: Larry Brown - CB - Dallas Cowboys

The Steelers Lost this game

Super Bowl XL
Steelers 21, Seahawks 10
Location: Ford Field - Detroit, Michigan
Date: February 5, 2006
Attendance: 68,206
Most Valuable Player: Hines Ward - WR - Pittsburgh Steelers

Super Bowl XLIII
Steelers 27, Cardinals 23
Location: Raymond James Stadium, Tampa, Florida
Date: February 1, 2009
Attendance: 70,774
Most Valuable Player: Santonio Holmes - WR - Pittsburgh Steelers

Super Bowl XLV
Packer 31, Steelers 25
Location: Cowboys Stadium, Arlington, Texas
Date: Febuary 6, 2011
Attendance: 105,000
Most Valuable Player: Aaron Rodger


When the Steelers win a Super Bowl they think about the famous ring that they will get! It's of course going to take a long time and tremendous thought to design the ring. So when they won their 6th Super Bowl, the players wanted to make sure this ring was going to be extra special. They wanted to place emphasis on the fact that they were the first team to win 6 championships by putting 6 gorgeous diamonds on the front along with the Steelers' logo. A lot of thought goes into the design of each ring since it is something the Steelers will have and cherish for the rest of their lives.
external image 0610sbrings-a.jpg

Super Bowl Rings Video on the making of the rings! Check it out!

The Steelers have had great coaches in their History. They only needed to hire 16 coaches in the 78 years the Steelers have been around, which was 1933 to 2011. In 1933 the Steelers were first called the Pittsburgh Pirates. The name was changed prior to the 1941 season. Coach Joe Bach coached two years from 1933-1934 and Walt Kiesling from 1935-1937. From 1943 to 1944 the Steelers had to merge with Philadelphia and Chicago due to the loss of many players going into WWII. During that time Walt Kiesling, Greasy Neale, and Phil Handler all shared the head coach position of the combined teams. Twelve of the 16 head coaches spent their entire professional coaching careers with the franchise, including John McNally, Bert Bell, and Chuck Noll, all have also been voted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Chuck Noll retired in 1991 and is the only coach in the National League history to win four Super Bowls. Bill Cowher, Noll's replacement, coached the Steelers to their fifth Super Bowl victory, in 2005. The Steelers sixth Super Bowl win came in Super Bowl XLIII, with head coach Mike Tomlin, the Steelers current head coach. Mike Tomlin is the youngest coach to win a Super Bowl and the first coach to bring a team twice to the Super Bowl before his 40th birthday.

external image bill-cowher-chuck-noll-autographed-photograph-3358319.jpgexternal image yeswecan_330.jpg
Bill Cower and Chuck Noll (Above) and Mike Tomlin (Above Right)